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Assurance GDS®

The Assurance GDS system utilizes the targeted isolation capabilities of Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS) together with the specificity of DNA-based PCR detection to provide results for even the most difficult food samples with unparalleled speed and accuracy.  Designed for optimum flexibility, the Assurance GDS sample preparation can now be fully automated, using the Assurance GDS PickPen® PIPETMAX® (PPMX), allowing laboratories to customize their testing to better fit their varying needs. 

  • Flexible modular design accommodates existing lab layout and workflows
  • Removes user variation and standardizes results
  • Efficient protocols for small and large runs maximize productivity
  • Reduces PCR sample prep labor by up to 50%
  • Small footprint saves valuable lab bench space

Assurance GDS uses proprietary magnetic particles and a unique concentration device, the Assurance GDS PickPen, to capture target pathogens from an enriched sample, separating the target from inhibitory background materials and ensuring valid PCR reactions for all sample matrices.  While other molecular methods rely on sensitivity compromising dilution protocols to prevent failed reactions, PickPen IMS technology improves assay sensitivity by concentrating target pathogens. 


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