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Assurance GDS for Listeria Receives Health Canada Approval

BioControl’s Assurance GDS for Listeria spp. and Assurance GDS Listeria monocytogenes assays have both been granted approval by Health Canada for detection of Listeria and L. monocytogenes respectively in foods and environmental surfaces.  The Assurance GDS methods (MFLP-08 – Listeria spp.; MFLP-07 – L. monocytogenes) provide 24 hour results for environmental surface samples allowing processors to efficiently monitor their environment and quickly react to any potential problem areas.  Similarly, results for dairy products are available in 32 hours (Listeria spp.) or 24 hours (L. monocytogenes) while ready-to-eat meat and leafy green produce results are available in 38 hours.  The Assurance GDS method provides food manufacturers with the speed and accuracy necessary to confidently release product quickly, reducing holding costs, and maximizing product shelf life.  

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