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Environmental Monitoring for Produce

BioControl Systems fits into your environmental monitoring program with comprehensive solutions via a broad range of options specifically for environmental monitoring.




BioControl offers multiple solutions:

  • Rapid Listeria detection methods, in multiple formats (PCR, ELISA and lateral flow) to meet the needs of every testing laboratory. 
  • Quality Indicator Testing offers rapid plating method for key indicator organisms
  • Hygiene Monitoring redefines HACCP management, ATP detection + 4 additional parameters


Protect your plant. Protect your brand.


The produce industry faces special risks from food-borne illness because fresh fruits and vegetables are frequently consumed without cooking, which heightens the importance of sensitivity and accuracy for produce manufacturers’ testing and sanitation programs.  When increased sensitivity is needed, food manufacturers turn to Assurance GDS – Genetic Detection System.

Produce is a volume industry with high turn and low margins, so your testing and sanitation program must accommodate high throughput economically. For the most economical Listeria methods Assurance Listeria EIA and VIP Gold for Listeria are unrivaled. 

You don’t have two days to wait for results. Your product is perishable and shelf-life is a key driver in your profit equation. The LIGHTNING MVP ICON provides an immediate verification of effective cleaning in produce packing processing environments.

Most retailers require produce suppliers meet specifications for key indicator organisms; Total Plate Counts (TPC), coliforms & E coli and Yeast and Mold. To make the most of your perishable products, fast time to results are essential. SimPlate allows for TPC results in as little as 24 hours and 48 hours for Yeast and Mold and Coliforms/E coli – days faster than other methods.



Learn more about BioControl's specific assays for your enviromental monitoring program.