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Assurance® EIA Listeria

Accurate and Reliable
Proven Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA) technology utilizing complex, proprietary antibody formulations to overcome the challenges of differential bacterial detection.

High Throughput Efficiency
96-well microtiter plate format is ideal for medium to high volume testing laboratories seeking cost effective pathogen detection options.

Increase Productivity with Automation
The Gemini immunoassay automation system can further reduce labor costs by performing the necessary pipetting, washing, reading and interpretation of Assurance EIA results.  Up to 186 tests can be completed in just 2 hours.

Assurance EIA Listeria Features:

  • Labor saving single-step enrichment in Demi-Fraser Broth for all samples
  • Validated to provide results in 48 hours for both environmental surfaces and food samples.
  • Breakaway wells allow you to use only the number of tests required for your samples, helping to reduce waste and keep testing costs low.
  • Available in convenient 96 test or 504 test kits

Assurance® EIA Listeria Details:
Listeria spp.
AOAC Official Method 996.14
AOAC Performance Tested Method 060802
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