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Assurance GDS® PickPen® PIPETMAX

Modular Automation

Improves PCR sample prep consistency and accuracy
Reduces the individual user variation which can be common with both reagent dispensing and manual PickPen IMS. 

Reduces Assurance GDS sample prep labor
Customized to automate all reagent dispensing and PickPen IMS protocols.

Increases lab workflow efficiency and flexibility
Completes the routine pipetting and PickPen IMS, allowing lab staff to focus on other important tasks

Assurance GDS PickPen PIPETMAX (PPMX) Features

  • Flexible modular design accommodates small and large runs; maximizing productivity
  • Utilizes Air Displacement pipetting and follows an aseptic travel path minimizing cross-contamination risk
  • Bi-directional LIMS compatibility and barcode enabled for resource tracking
  • Instrument operated via touchscreen tablet with all Assurance GDS protocols pre-programmed
  • Step-by-step wizard guides users through run creation and sample loading
  • Small lab bench footprint - W 21.4” x D 25.8” x H 20.9” and minimal preventative maintenance
  • Supports both the Assurance GDS Rotor-Gene standard and high throughput rotors

Assurance GDS® PickPen® PIPETMAX Details:


Modular Automation
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