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Assurance GDS® for Shiga Toxin Genes

Speed and Accuracy
Rapid accurate detection method features the latest innovations in genetic detection technology and food microbiology for the detection of Shiga Toxin Genes stx1 and stx2.

Three Levels of Specificity
The versatile collection of Assurance Shiga Toxin Genes assays incorporate three levels of specificity, including proprietary PickPen® Immunomagnetic Separation (IMS), to ensure fast and accurate time to results.

With the PickPen IMS, magnetic particles, coated with antibodies specific to the Top STEC O-groups are combined with the enriched sample. The PickPen device collects and removes the particles with the bound E. coli separating them from the non-target O groups and helping to ensure detection of the gene targets is limited to the desired O-groups of E. coli.

Conducting IMS prior to analysis by PCR eliminates false positives caused by non-target O-groups of E. coli. 

Assurance GDS for Shiga Toxin Genes Features

  • Sequential approach to detecting Top STEC. Following sample preparation with IMS against the Top 6 or Top 7 O groups, samples are analyzed for the presence of eae with the GDS Top 6 or 7 STEC (eae) assay.  Positive samples are subsequently analyzed for Shiga Toxin genes with the Assurance GDS Shiga Toxin Genes (Top 6 or Top 7) assay
  • Confirm Assurance GDS E. coli O157:H7 positives samples with Assurance GDS Shiga Toxin Genes (O157) assay
  • Single-step 10-18 h enrichment in mEHEC; enrichment media common to all BioControl methods for E.coli O157:H7, Shiga Toxin genes, and Top STEC

Assurance GDS® for Shiga Toxin Genes Details:
Shiga Toxin Genes
Shiga Toxin Genes (O157): AOAC Official Method of Analysis 2005.05
Shiga Toxin Genes (Top 6/7): USDA FSIS Letter of No Objection                                                                             Shiga Toxin Genes (Top 7): AOAC Performance Tested Method 071303
Polymerase Chain Reaction
 2 - 8 °C
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