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TRANSIA® PLATE – Salmonella Gold

Accurate Method for Salmonella  Detection
TRANSIA PLATE Salmonella Gold is a sandwich enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Salmonella in food, feed and environmental samples. The test utilizes highly specific proprietary antibodies to create an antigen antibody complex which, if present, creates a color change reaction upon addition of the substrate which is read with a microplate reader. 

Standardized Protocol – Results in 24 hours :
The same enrichment media and incubation time for all samples reduces media preparation time and increases lab efficiency.  Enrichment steps are harmonized with ISO reference method and are common for all matrices. Results are available in 24 hours using the TAG 24 supplement.

Automation Ready:
Transia Plate Salmonella Gold can be fully automated with the Gemini or TRANSIA 4U 2-plate and 4-plate microplate processors. 

Extensively validated:
Transia Plate Salmonella Gold has numerous validations covering all foods, feed and environmental samples from organizations including AFNOR, AOAC Research Institute and NordVal.  

TRANSIA PLATE Salmonella Gold  Features:

  • Approved for use with all foods
  • Provides next day results with TAG 24 supplement.
  • Results can be read with an automated plate reader
  • Full automation is available with the Gemini or TRANSIA 4U automated processors.
  • Available in convenient 96 or 960 test kits.

TRANSIA® PLATE – Salmonella Gold Details:
AFNOR Certification TRA 02/08 – 03/01
AFNOR Certification TRA 02/09 – 07/07
AOAC Performance Tested Method 010602
NordVal Ref. nr. 001
Enzyme Immunoassay
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