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TRANSIA® PLATE - Automation 

TRANSIA® PLATE - Automation  Details:


High-Throughput Efficiency
Enzyme immunoassays such as TRANSIA PLATE's with standardized protocols and ready to use reagents are ideal for automation. Running EIAs on an automated instrumentation platform is the cost effective solution to the high throughput testing needs of high and medium volume laboratories.

Complete Walk-away Automation
Free up valuable analyst’s time for other projects. All the steps of running an enzyme immunoassay manually, from pipetting, washing, to incubation are done by the instrument. Setting up a run is easy to do. At the end of a run, the instrument will provide a report, clearly identifying negative and positive results.

Reliable Instrumentation Platforms
BioControl offers two automation platforms: the Gemini™ and the Thunderbolt™. Each system can process up to 192 samples and controls in one run, and multiple runs can be conducted in a day. All the optimization work has already been done by BioControl R&D scientists so analysts can use the system with confidence.